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Construction Administration Management

Construction Administration Management refers to maintaining control over all facets of a building during a period of disruption due to restorations, renovations or additions, etc.

When Does It Begin?
We will obtain bids from architects and engineers who will prepare specifications, review work and approve change orders and payment requisitions. We will review the prepared specifications and bidders list and provide the Board with input. The specifications and method of obtaining information is vital to the success of your project. All bidders will be interviewed in our office to determine their ability to adhere to our schedule and specifications. References will be reviewed and like projects will be discussed.

Based on the estimated cost of the project, we will provide the Board with a myriad of scenarios to finance the project that may include assessments, increases, refinancing and lines of credit.

Assurance the Board of Directors, as well as the residents, are notified when construction work directly affects them. It has been our experience that the advantage of MM being intimately involved with a project enables us to give detailed information when a call is received or information is being distributed. This greatly reduces resident anxiety and eases the building tension during difficult and sometimes lengthy projects.

On any major project, it is imperative the work is done according to the schedule represented in the construction contract. A detailed time-line must be adhered to and updated if extra work becomes necessary.

All construction projects create lapses in the security of any building. As Construction Administration Manager, MM constantly surveys the building for areas that may be susceptible. We immediately bring these matters to the attention of the Board President so they can be addressed quickly without incident.

Site Meetings
An imperative tool to any project is information. On every project, MM insists on weekly site meetings involving the building engineer/architect, the construction foreman representing the contractor and the superintendent. This gives everyone the opportunity to share information on a regular basis. Every concern can be addressed and solutions to problems, which always arise, are usually found at these times.

Work Integrity
Every project is different. With this in mind, it is not cost effective for any building to have their engineering professional review the quality of work on an almost daily basis.

Your selected engineer or architect performs random inspections of the work; we will review areas as well. Although the work is guaranteed for a period of time, we prefer to correct improper work prior to the occurrence of related problems.
As Construction Administration Manager, MM uses the project manual supplied at the beginning of each project, and reviews the contractors to assure no short cuts are taken. With someone always "looking over the contractors and architect or engineers shoulder", quality control is enhanced.

Payment Requisition Process
The cost of all construction projects must be reviewed in detail. When payment requests are submitted, it is imperative to know that the work you will pay for is reviewed in detail before the payment is made. When a large project is undertaken it is equally important MM keeps the building Treasurer and Board updated of the payment schedule and when payments will be expected. This is increasingly important when the buildings are utilizing: reserve funds, lines of credit, assessment proceeds, and a delicate balance must be kept.
Updates to Board of Directors

It is the fiduciary responsibility of all Board Members to know the matters of the corporation. MM will give detailed explanation and updates at board meetings to keep all members of the board abreast of any changing situation. In addition, I will be available to discuss in detail any details.

Cost Control
With the involvement of MM as Construction Administration Manager, the cost overruns are typically limited to work in areas that would be impossible to properly evaluate until a project is underway (i.e. steel infrastructure).

Your day-to-day Account Executive will manage your project, and Midboro President Michael Wolfe will oversee each job -- ensuring representation at your site and other important building visits.

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